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Google CTF 2017 Quals: Introspective CRC

Solving the "Introspective CRC" problem in Google CTF 2017 Quals. Posted 2017/06/21. Last updated 2017/06/21.

Remapping Surface Pen Button Presses

Remapping Surface Pen button presses via registry hacks. Posted 2016/10/08. Last updated 2019/03/25.

Building a Bus Pirate v3.8

Building a Bus Pirate: ordering components, soldering, programming, and debugging. Posted 2016/02/09. Last updated 2016/02/09.

A Complete Arduino Bathroom Scale

An Arduino bathroom scale with auto power-off on the ATtiny85, using a 4-digit 7-segment display and the HX711 and MAX7219 chips. Posted 2016/01/14. Last updated 2016/01/22.

A Power Switch for Chromecast using Arduino, Bluetooth, and Tasker

Powering a Chromecast on and off over Bluetooth serial with some Arduino and Android code. Posted 2015/12/24. Last updated 2019/03/23.

Fixing LVDS Cables for CCFL LCD Screens

Turning LVDS Fix-30P-S8 to Fix-30P-D6 for use with a laptop screen. Posted 2015/07/01. Last updated 2019/02/20.

How I Captured the Flags in Tripwire VERT's Cyber Security Contest

Recovering all three flags in Tripwire VERT's Cyber Security Capture the Flag contest to win second prize. Posted 2015/04/16. Last updated 2015/04/16.

Two Vulnerabilities in Oxford's WebLearn System

Posting status updates on other people's Oxford WebLearn walls through two vulnerabilities. Posted 2015/02/27. Last updated 2015/02/27.

Recovering 433MHz Messages with RTL-SDR and MATLAB

Recovering messages from a 433MHz transmitter using RTL-SDR manually with visual inspection and automatically with a MATLAB script. Posted 2015/02/13. Last updated 2015/02/17.

A Tutorial on Interactive Proof Systems

Introducing the various types of Interactive Proof Systems and their relations to traditional complexity classes. Posted 2015/01/07. Last updated 2015/01/07.

Sending an SMS from your Arduino

Sending SMS messages by using an old Nokia 6310i and the FBus protocol. Posted 2015/01/01. Last updated 2015/01/03.

This blog is also available as an rss feed.